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We know that people are more likely to do business with someone recommended to them by a friend.

That’s why we are asking you to spread the word and tell your friends how Red Shoes Media & Marketing can help them make more money by marketing their business effectively.

But we don’t expect you to spend your precious time helping us out for nothing. For every one of the friends you refer who goes on to do business with us, you receive £5.

Not only that, but they benefit too. Every new customer who joins us though a referral gets 5% off their first order.

It’s really easy to get involved.


You identify someone you think may be interested in Red Shoes' services...

Do you have a friend or business associate who needs a website or is looking for someone to take care of their marketing? Do they need a leaflet, logo, brochure or business card designing? Have a look at the services Red Shoes Media & Marketing  offers and if you know someone who we could help, it’s time to get referring and start earning!


You get in touch with them...

Give them a call or an email and explain that you would like to recommend that they get in touch with Red Shoes. Tell them about the referral programme and how we can help with all their website design, graphic design, public relations, copywriting and marketing needs.


Explain the benefits

Be sure to tell them they’ll get a 5% discount if they mention they have been referred when they get in touch with Red Shoes Media & Marketing.


Tell them what to do...

Ask them to call Red Shoes on 07595 036454 or email They need to say they have been referred and give your name and email address.


We'll do the rest...

We’ll have a telephone conversation or a meeting with your referral and see how we can help them by providing affordable design, website, communications and marketing services.


You get paid...

If they go on to become a Red Shoes customer, we will email you to let you know and arrange your payment. You get £5 in cold, hard cash for each friend who becomes an Red Shoes customer.

Download and print our referral card

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to refer a friend or business associate to Red Shoes and earn rewards.

Simply download our referral card and then print it and fill it in before handing it to the person you are referring, or email it on for them to print and fill out.

The idea is it will provide an easy reminder to call or email Red Shoes and to mention who referred them so you can both claim your reward.

But, if that’s still too time consuming, just make sure they mention they have been referred by you when they call or email.


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07595 036454



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